Artist Statement

Style and medium
Surrealist collage, composed exclusively of found paper fragments.

Why I am drawn to Surrealism
I believe that Surrealism’s strength is its ability to present incongruous or mystifying juxtapositions that can be read as representing mixed emotions ranging from subtle to overt. This gives it the potential to offer a wide-ranging variety of social and/or personal narrative commentaries.

Why I am drawn to collage
Because selective use of found materials has the potential to both elevate the everyday and inspire a multiplicity of creative connections.

Why my Surrealist paper collages look different from other Surrealist paper collages
The Surrealist style has historically been used with many different types of media, and each type of media will inform the work in different ways. Because Surrealism was born in an era where early photography shared the popular print media stage with line-cut illustration, the limitations of these types of media necessarily limited the compositional techniques and image selection choices of early Surrealist collage artists who were dependent on these types of media. However, it’s interesting to note that despite the considerable evolution of contemporary print media, Surrealist paper collages continue to employ these same kinds of limited compositional techniques and image selection processes. It’s my contention that collage artists who broaden their focus to include general Surrealist visual principles in addition to historical Surrealist collage principles may notice that they can now choose from a huge range of ever-evolving printed photo and illustration media, selecting and deploying a virtually infinite spectrum of possible imagery and compositional choices.

How I would characterize my own particular Surrealist collage style
The look I seek is directed toward seamlessness, form, line, contrast, and images that contain personal emotional resonance.

Why I am drawn to hand-crafted media over Photoshop
Since the advent of Photoshop and similar programs, digital collage artists can now choose to create a seamless look by scanning and combining their images. However, a number of things are lost with these techniques. It is no longer possible to glimpse the layers that reveal the three-dimensional process and the edges that reveal the conscious process of placement. The challenge and virtue of hand-made paper collage is to find ways of making seamless-looking pieces that contain solid, versatile composition without sacrificing the tactile qualities that reflect the hand of the artist.

Where these collages are going in the “big-picture” sense
It is my intention to push Surrealist collage, my own compositional abilities, and others’ understanding of the Surrealist collage process as far as all three can go.